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Your Outsourced IT Department

Pre-configured and customized options available. We can work with you to configure the perfect computer for your needs


Top of the range performance and business-oriented laptops available


A full range of business workstations available to meet all budgets


Our customizable server hardware is suitable for email servers, web servers, print servers, file servers, VPN servers and more

Custom Builds

We can also build custom systems to meet your needs. Contact us for more info

Telelink is a Dell Certified Partner and distributor, a Lenovo Partner, and a Microsoft OEM System Builder.

We chose Dell and Lenovo because these companies are leaders in the computer industry. Lenovo purchased IBM’s computer business in 2005 to become the world’s third largest computer maker. Dell is the classic story of American entrepreneurialism and from its roots in Michael Dell’s dorm room has become one of the world’s largest tech companies.

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