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Your Outsourced IT Department

With managed services you can have the quality and responsiveness of an in-house IT team at a fraction of the cost

Software Patches

Identify, approve, and update or ignore software patches and hotfixes for a single work station or a group of machines

Hardware Monitoring

We can detect which computers are under excess load and need upgrading, or when a hard drive might fail

Remote Scanning

Virus definitions are kept up-to-date and scans performed in the background without bothering your staff - leaving them to get on with their work

Support Tickets

Your employees can contact us directly from their computer to submit support requests and we can remotely access their compute to fix issues right away

Software Deployment

Group and deploy tools and services without the need to schedule interruptions to your staff or end-users

Inventory & Asset Management

Compile and classify IT asset information such as workstations, servers, printers, and routers - group assets by operating system, application

Intelligent Monitoring

Using managed services software Telelink can provide top class remote support to your business. We’ll make sure your computer software is up-to-date and virus free, we can using intelligent software monitors we can also determine where bottlenecks and other problems lie within your network, and even stop problems before they occur.

Here is a list of just some issues we constantly scan and look for:

  • Missing Microsoft Patches
  • Missing Microsoft Updates
  • Missing AntiVirus Program
  • AV signature out of date
  • AV disabled
  • Failed patch installs
  • RAID problems
  • Fragmented hard drive
  • Stressed CPU
  • Memory maximization
  • Auto Services stopped
  • Missing software updates
  • Disk Drive clean-up
  • Unexpected shutdown
  • Backup Failure
  • CPU failure
  • Hard Drive failure
  • Network probe

In addition to scanning for problems and issues, Telelink’s award winning software package will also try and auto-fix and auto heal any issues it finds. If those problems cannot be resolved, a ticket is created and one of Telelink’s technicians will be alerted and will make an appointment to meet with you to resolve the reported problem.

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