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Dave Flynn

Web Developer

Dave has always been a computer enthusiast. The majority of his time at university was spent working on his computer that he was either building or modifying. Most of his student loan was spent on computer parts and upgrades.

After graduating, he took what he had learned and put it to use, quickly adding to his knowledge by focusing on web development and Linux server administration. He has always tried new technologies to see what might be put to use in a new project.

Dave specializes in WordPress, the most popular CMS and blogging platform that runs a quarter of the web. He also develops using JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ruby and most recently Node, SASS, and MongoDB. He employs modern web development techniques where possible by using technologies such as Git and Bower to manage deployment and dependencies.

His skills and positive attitude makes Dave an indispensable part of the complete package Telelink offers our customers, with his ability to develop website, smart phone apps, and custom programming.