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Bill Graham


Bill Graham
A certified server administrator, Bill has expertise in RAID, networking, servers, and Network Attached Storage (NAS). He’s the go-to network guy.


At an early age, Bill has shown a propensity and knack for computers. A quick learner with a number of computer certifications and awards, he delights in his job and also enjoys working on computers and networks away from the office. His expertise in RAID, networking, servers, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) makes him very valuable to the Telelink team.

Bill has an extensive background in computer technology and he started out working on computers with his father when he was very young. Computer science runs in his family with his father being a Computer Engineer for Texas Instruments working alongside NASA back in the 80’s. He showed Bill how to build a personal computer from the ground (we’re talking Wafer boards here). Once Bill reached the “working age,” he did various jobs from installing in- ground pools to grocery store supervisor. While getting his associates degree at a local community college with a major in Graphic Design he quickly found that his strongest interest lay in Information Technology.

By 2004, Bill earned CompTIA Certifications in A+, N+, Security+ and soon started working towards Microsoft Certified Server Administrator and MCSE. During that time he worked for Contractors for Dell and IBM Computers, replacing failed hardware, bad hard drives and working on laptop and desktop computers.

Showing his skills and expertise, Bill soon landed a job working with Dell Support for their Gold/Pro-support Phone Tech Department in Nashville Tennessee which was the highest level of phone support from end-users to large corporate businesses. Being awarded “Top Performer” four times in a six year span underscores Bill’s competency and work ethic.

Moving back to Memphis to be closer to family, Bill interviewed and obtained employment at Telelink where he has been a key member and continues to be a significant and vital employee.